May 11

The Power of Re-realizations

Posted By keith

The Power of Re-realizationsRe-realizations.  It’s another one of our favourite terms here at Free the Goldfish Coaching.   Defined as a realization that seems to dawn on you time and time again. 

It’s the moment when you have an a-ha moment, only to remember that you’ve had the same a-ha moment before. 

There’s an old adage that says that life will keep teaching you the same lesson over and over until you learn it.  But like a good teacher, it won’t keep telling you the lesson in the same way, hoping that you’ll eventually get it. 

Nope.  Instead, life has an incredible skill to come up with clever scenarios, each one subtly different than the next, until you finally learn the lesson.   

Perhaps you keep trying for a new job, but something keeps getting in the way.  At first, it’s a poor job market.  Then you find something, but you don’t get an interview.  Then you finally get an interview, but you lose out to another candidate.  Or you decide to withdraw.  Either way, by now, you could let your frustration get the better of you.

Or you could choose a different way to look at it.

If life is genuinely supposed to be easy, then why is it proving to be such a challenge? 

Maybe life is hinting at a lesson for you.  Perhaps you’re chasing a career path that isn’t true to what your passions are.  Perhaps you’re vying for a role that will conflict with other priorities in your life.  Perhaps you’re hoping for a role similar to one that nearly sent you to hospital on stress leave a year ago. 

Stop. Pause. Listen.  If life was whispering a lesson, what could it be?

Life is running the same genius teaching methodology when you have a trend of relationships that eventually turn sour – or office conflicts that seem to crop up no matter where you work. 

If life was whispering a lesson, what could it be?

Your Practical Action Plan

  • Look for re-realizations that pop into your mind.  Have you had the realization before?  What’s similar between the situations?  What’s the truth for you here?
  • Look for patterns in the challenges that come up in your life.  Patterns are a typical sign that there’s a lesson that still hasn’t been learned.
  • Look for blocks in certain areas of your life.  Blocks come up when life looks at you and basically says, “I don’t think so, my friend.  Keep trying.”   Life wants the best for you, but you might be trying to head down the wrong path.
  • And whenever things seem to not be going your way, stop, pause, and listen.  Ask yourself: if life was whispering a lesson, what could it be?

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